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Magnetism and magnetic materials

1、Magnetism and magnetic materials

2、Ferrite magnetic material

3、Samarium cobalt permanent magnetic material

4、Other magnetic materials

5、Comparison of properties of various magnetic materials

Magnetism and magnetic materials-U-Polemag

When it comes to magnetic materials, we have to talk about “magnetism” first. Experiments show that any substance can be more or less magnetized in the external magnetic field, but the degree of magnetization varies. According to their properties in the external magnetic field, substances can be divided into five categories: paramagnetic substances, diamagnetic substances, ferromagnetic substances, ferromagnetic substances, and antiferromagnetic substances:

Paramagnetic substance: a substance which, when moved closer to a magnetic field, is magnetized according to the direction of the field, but is so weak that it can only be measured by precise instruments. If the applied magnetic field is removed, the internal magnetic field will return to zero, resulting in no magnetism. Such as aluminum, oxygen, etc.

Diamagnetic substance: a substance with a negative magnetic susceptibility. When subjected to an external magnetic field, the molecule generates an induced electron circulation, which generates a magnetic moment opposite to the direction of the external magnetic field. In other words, the direction of the magnetic field after magnetization is opposite to the direction of the external magnetic field. All organic compounds are diamagnetic, graphite, lead, water, etc.

Ferromagnetic substance: it is a kind of material which is magnetized under the action of external magnetic field, and still can maintain its magnetized state even if the external magnetic field disappears. Iron, cobalt and nickel are all ferromagnetic substances.

Ferromagnetic material: macromagnetism is the same as ferromagnetism, only with a lower magnetic susceptibility. Typical ferromagnetic material is ferrite. They differ most significantly from ferromagnetic materials in their internal magnetic structures.

Antiferromagnetic substance: inside an antiferromagnetic substance, the spins of adjacent valence electrons tend to be in opposite directions. The material has a net magnetic moment of zero and produces no magnetic field. This material is less common, and most antiferromagnetic substances exist only at low temperatures. If the temperature is above a certain value, it usually becomes paramagnetic. For example, chromium, manganese and so on have antiferromagnetism.


We call paramagnetic and diamagnetic substances as weak magnetic substances, and ferromagnetic and ferrous magnetic substances as strong magnetic substances. The magnetic material that says normally is to point to strong magnetic material commonly. Magnetic materials can be divided into:

Soft magnetic material: the magnetic material with low coercivity and high permeability can achieve the maximum magnetization with the minimum external magnetic field. Soft magnetic materials are easy to magnetize and easy to demagnetize. For example: soft ferrite, amorphous nanocrystalline alloy.

Hard magnetic material: also called permanent magnetic material, it refers to the material that is difficult to be magnetized and difficult to be demagnetized once magnetized. Its main characteristic is that it has high coercivity, including rare earth permanent magnetic material, metal permanent magnetic material and permanent magnetic ferrite.

Functional magnetic materials: magnetostrictive materials, magnetic recording materials, magnetoresistance materials, magnetic bubble materials, magneto-optical materials and magnetic thin film materials.


2020 shareholders’ meeting and board meeting

2020 shareholders’ meeting and board meeting-U-Polemag

On May 7, 2020 was held in the conference room of the company. The meeting deliberated and approved Total work plan for 2019 and work plan for 2020 And the management system of the company’s comprehensive implementation of the new performance appraisal method in 2020

2020 shareholders’ meeting and board meeting-U-Polemag

2020 shareholders’ meeting and board meeting-U-Polemag

In the work summary, li summarized the main work in 2019

1. The company has reversed the situation of losing money for five consecutive years since its establishment, and achieved a leap from quantitative change to qualitative change. In particular, given the complex and volatile international economic situation and the enormous downward pressure on the domestic economy, this is the most worthy of pride. The significance of this breakthrough also lies in that it strengthens the confidence of “he-chuang man” to move forward and lays the theoretical foundation for the future development of he-chuang company.

2. Development work: successfully developed and put the “composite three-disk coupler” into the market, and declared the invention patent (only available in China), paving the way for the development of high-power coupler market in the future. High power – “electric permanent magnet governor” has been running normally so far.

3, innovation management: bold launched and cloud entrusted consulting company for depth of cooperation, the meaning is: 1) assigned to for the future and create the real economy, cultivating young talents to create a “whampoa” (and the existing backbone elite as the instructor to borrow cloud entrusted consulting resources) 2) set up a good electric business of foreign trade cooperation platform, in order to and gen can borrow outside force to make up their own short board. 3) implement the new KPI performance appraisal system, practice internal skills, and lay a good management foundation for standardized development in the future.
At the same time, it also analyzes the problems and countermeasures.

2020 shareholders’ meeting and board meeting-U-Polemag

In the work plan for 2020, li pointed out:
The year 2020 should have been the first year of the rapid development of heshuang. The trend of the first year will directly affect the speed and quality of the future. Therefore, 2020 is an important year. However, this sudden outbreak has brought us a lot of uncertainties. However, we have the courage to face the difficulties and survive.

Combined with the course of 2019 and the current situation of our company, the strategy of 2020 is adjusted to “two squatting, one jumping and eight guaranteed”. The so-called “two squatting” for the performance of rammed magnetoelectricity and magnetic transmission. Tamping the internal production, technology and market of magnetoelectricity and magnetic transmission will pave the way for the company to take off in the next two years.
The specific requirements and work plan are as follows:
1. Management innovation: completely break the existing way of thinking, management mode and assessment and incentive methods, abandon martial arts and actively embrace reform. On the current situation to make the necessary “broken, broken, presentation” amplification, aims to make full use of new ideas, new management tools, and new system, to maximize light the cadres and staff’s working enthusiasm, activate their cells, get through their promotion channels, play to their talents, and make their career and gen into together. At present, it has carried out in-depth cooperation with “cloud trust” company. The contents include: the construction of new management mode, the reconstruction of post management (responsibility, assessment program, salary plan), technical promotion (internal business college, special training camp) and the establishment of promotion system.

2. Marketing management: the focus of foreign trade is the reform of performance management. Domestic sales focus on the rapid establishment and actual operation of the agent management system; On the other hand, to strengthen the marketing force, the company plans to increase efforts to expand the marketing team in 2020. It also plans to split marketers into developers and maintainers starting in 2020. Developers are fully responsible for the development of new business and new customers, and maintenance personnel are fully responsible for the merchandiser of old business.

3. Strengthening technological innovation:

A. especially the magnetic drive. On the one hand, we can serialize and standardize the new products that have been basically fixed as soon as possible, so as to facilitate market promotion and cost control. Our goal is to make the products with the best cost performance, and get ready for the revolutionary change of mechanical transmission. We will seize this historic opportunity.

B. On the other hand, define the existing basically finalized products as version 1.0, and immediately lay out version 2.0, that is, upgrade the products with automatic control and remote control, and make appropriate adjustments in the profit model, from selling products gradually to selling services at the same time.

To provide customers with an overall solution to the problem, that is, the operation of the equipment management can be taken over.

C. On the other hand, the existing products should be highly mechanized and automated. So that we can improve production efficiency and improve the ability of orders, reduce production cost, improve competitiveness, at the same time can unlock China’s current population dividend disappear after skilled workers is hard to find, for enterprises to lay a solid foundation for sustainable development (specific grades punch automatic drawing, the magnetization, electrical automatic production automation transformation, to enhance the efficiency of magnetic drive testing room, etc.).

4. Pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, image publicity and power marketing. Combined with product research and development, constantly explore innovative points, timely declaration of patents and new product identification. Suggestion: apply for the first set and new product identification of three-disk complex coupler, electro-permanent magnet, etc.

5. Increase investment in technology development and continue to cooperate with colleges and universities and research institutions to ensure the leading position of technology in the industry. The company plans to set up the second department of development in 20 years, and cooperate with nanhua university to introduce and train graduate students of related majors, so as to enable and create development.

2020 shareholders’ meeting and board meeting-U-Polemag

Finally, li always stressed that only success can prove our value and only achievement can prove our efforts. I hope you can ignite the spark of your wisdom and ignite your inner passion. With their own blood and youth to create their own bright future, and create with the advance and retreat; With the conduct of the old cattle, the momentum of the horse, only seize the day, live up to the youth to jointly complete the next year and the future goals and tasks, to achieve the same goal, the same dream!

2020 shareholders’ meeting and board meeting-U-Polemag


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