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A High-Tech Material That’s Transforming the World

Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of rare-earth magnets made from an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron. They are the most widely used type of rare-earth magnets and provide the strongest magnetic force of any magnet available.

Neodymium belongs to the lanthanide group of elements and has an atomic number of 60. In its metallic form, neodymium has a silvery metallic luster and quickly tarnishes in air. Neodymium has a high magnetic ordering temperature and contributes to the superior magnetic properties of neodymium magnets.

The tetragonal Nd2Fe14B crystal structure provides the high uniaxial magnetocrystalline anisotropy that gives neodymium magnets their exceptionally high coercivity and energy density. The neodymium and iron components account for the high saturation magnetization, while the boron acts to focus and direct the magnetic field into a uniform alignment.

Neodymium magnets produce magnetic fields many times stronger than equivalent ferrite or alnico magnets. They can lift up to 1000 times their own weight and retain their magnetism for long periods. However, their maximum working temperature is usually limited to 200°C in oxygen-free environments and 80-120°C in air.

Neodymium magnets are graded according to their maximum energy density, with higher grades indicating increased purity and magnetic strength. Common grades include N35, N38, N42, N48, N50 and N52. The theoretical maximum energy density for neodymium magnets is 64 Mega Gauss Oersteds (MGOe).

Neodymium magnets have enabled major advances in a wide range of applications and technologies, from loudspeakers and computer hard drives to magnetic resonance imaging, automation, and renewable energy. They will likely continue to drive further innovation across every industry.

In summary, neodymium magnets possess the strongest and most durable magnetic properties of any commercially available magnets. They have superior magnetic energy density and performance in a high coercivity, allowing for exceptional strength in small sizes. Neodymium enables technologies that transform the world in profoundly important ways. These powerful magnets will undoubtedly enable more life-changing innovations and discoveries over time.


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