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Ring Magnets

U-Polemag is an industry leading provider of standard & custom NdFeB Ring Magnet for your project requirement needs.
Large Ring Magnets is a kind of Neodymium Magnets, Since Neodymium Magnets are much stronger than other magnets, using Ring Magnets can build much more powerful motors, generators ever.


U-Polemag For Sale carry a large variety of Ring Magnets. Under this category, you can find all the Ring Magnets in the Ring shapes. When you order please chose the right polarity for your applications.


If you require a specific size that is not available on our website, please contact us for a custom NdFeB Ring Magnet quote.

  • Neodymium Ring Magnet for Speaker
    40H Neodymium Ring Magnet with Zinc Coating for Tweeter Speaker
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  • Neodymium Ring Magnet
    Gold Plating NdFeB Ring Magnet

    Neodymium Magnet (NdFeB)

    Ring  magnet :OD x ID x Thickness

    Gold Plating Magnet

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  • 35H ring magnet for speaker
    Loudspeaker Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet

    LoudSpeaker Neodymium Magnet Ring

    High Working Temperature Neodymium Magnet

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  • neodymium magnet ring
    N42 Neodymium Tube Magnet

    Grade : N42

    Magnetization: Axially

    Coating : NiCuNi

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  • N45 Ring Magnet
    N45 Neodymium Ring Magnet Axial
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  • Ring Neodymium magnet
    Teflon Coated Neodymium Magnet Ring

    42H Neodymium Magnet with Teflon coating



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