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Neodymium Magnetic Grid For Filter

Square Magnetic Grid


Magnetic grids are extremely efficient at removing fine iron contamination from dry free flowing powders and granulates.

Contamination such as rust,stainless steel scrapings and wear from machinery are often too small to be detected by a metal detector, but is easily removed by these highly efficient grids.

The product flows throught the grid. Any contamination is immediately attracted to the grid’s powerful magnetic rods. The contamination is pushed to undersides of the rods, where it is securely held, out of the way of the wash-off effects of continuous product flow.

The grids require no power and no maintenance (except for cleaning) and are quick and easy to install. Once the grid is in position you know it’s working.

Grids are available in a vast range of standard sizes and 3 magnet strengths (standard for coarse ferrous contamination, high and super-high for micron sized and para-magnetic contamination).

We also supply custom designed and engineered grids to suit your specific requirements.

All product contact parts are manufactured using food quality SS304 or SS316 grade stainless steel and fully sealed.

Supplied with test certificates. Magnetic performance is guaranteed.

Square Magnetic Grid-U-Polemag
Itme Name Square Magnetic Grid
Size φ100
Layer 2
Height 80
Center Distance  A 50mm
Center Distance B 40mm
Magnet Bar Quantity 3