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U-POLEMAG Tree Root and Sprout

On March 12, 2018, Xiamen U-Polemag Industry Ltd. took the opportunity of the Tree-Planting Festival to planting a tree calling on “generating the green, loving green”. Everyone of the company participated in the activity, combining work and activitytogether, creating a warm and green atmosphere, the “U-POLEMAG Tree” willgrow.

Afforestation not only can the greening and beautification home, can at the same time expanding forest resources, prevent water loss and soil erosion, protecting farmland, regulating climate, and promote economic development, and so on, is a grand project of contemporary, benefiting future. In order to protect forestry resources, beautify the environment and maintain ecological balance, many countries in the world have set up Arbor Day according to their actual situation. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the active participation in afforestation activities, the environment of our human existence will be continuously improved.

We carry several barrels of water back and forth.Though very tired, but very happy, because we are contributing to the greening themotherland.At the end, we took pictures to commemorate our first tree.The activities not only enhance the awareness of environmental protection, enhance the cohesiveness of the teams, but also relieve the pressure of our work.

U-POLEMAG Tree Root and Sprout-U-Polemag


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