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Strong, compact and flexible. Those are the quality features of our neodymium pot magnets. They are suitable as cup magnets, magnet base, outdoor attachments and for many other applications. We offer different types – from countersunk pot magnet over magnet base with thread to magnet systems with rubber coating and hard  neodymium cup magnets. In addition, you can order magnetic flat rods made of neodymium or ferrite in different models. This allows you to select the products that best fit your needs.
  • Large and versatile assortment of neodymium pot magnets
  • Additional attractive selection of inexpensive and rust-proof ferrite pot magnets
  • Increased adhesive force through embedding in a steel pot
  • Versatile and practical use due to flat design
350lb Fishing Magnet With Rope-U-Polemag
Product Name 350lb Fishing Magnet With Rope
Item code HTN04-60C/HTN04-75E/HTN04-85/HTN04-90
Size(mm) D60×15×M8




Pull Force (kg) 113/162/220/227
Working Temperature (°C) 60~230℃