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UPOTN04-48 Neodymium Cup Magnet with Countersunk

Item No. UPOTN04-42

Cup Magnet ,POT Magnet ,Magnet Holder

Diameter 48mm


Neodymium Cup Magnet with Countersunk in a steel pot has a countersunk borehole and can be fastened with a countersunk screw. It is popular with customers in electrical engineering, kitchen/batch design, machine building and plant construction.

The magnet size and strength can be customized according to application and request

UPOTN04-48 Neodymium Cup Magnet with Countersunk-U-Polemag
Product Name Neodymium Cup Magnet
Type No. UPOTN04-48
Size(mm) D48*11.5mm
Magnet Material NdFeB
Plating Nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)
Cup Material Q235
Strength approx. 900kg
Magnetization Axial
Tolerance +/- 0,1 mm
Weight 120g

The Most Popular / Hotsale Specification:

Article No Pot Size Pull force
UPOTN04-32 D32x8mm ≥30kg
UPOTN04-36 D36x8mm ≥40kg
UPOTN04-42 D42x9mm ≥50kg
UPOTN04-48 D48x11mm ≥70kg
UPOTN04-60 D60x15mm ≥110kg
UPOTN04-75 D75x18mm ≥160kg
UPOTN04-85 D85x18mm ≥220kg
UPOTN04-90 D90x18mm ≥230kg