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Channel Magnet

High Holding Power Neodymium Channel Magnet with Countersunk Holes

Article ID : UPOTNCM

Size: L2”*W0.75”*H0.125”

Coating: Nickel

Holes Fit: #8 Flat Head Screw

Pull force: 30 Lbs

Custom Size & Pull Force: Available

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Channel magnet is a nickel coated neodymium magnet and is housed in a stainless steel channel with countersunk holes for multiple applications such as tool holder. It has high holding powers and looks nice. It is easy widely used in our daily life.

High Holding Power Neodymium Channel Magnet with Countersunk Holes-U-Polemag
Product Name Neodymium Channel Magnet
Material Neodymium Magnet & Steel
Coating Nickel
Size  L2”*W0.75”*H0.125”
Certificate ISO9001:2008
Pull Force 30 Lbs
Working Temp. Up to 80℃
Application Holding Magnet, Magnetic Tool Holder, etc.
Item Code POT Magnet Type Pull Force
Material A B C
HYF07-02 Fe37 30 150 8 NdFeB 58kg
HYF07-03 Fe37 30 10 10 Ferrite 15kg
HYF07-14 Fe37 41.3 60.3 14.3 Ferrite 11kg
HYN07-22 Fe37 31.75 50.8 4.9 NdFeB 27kg
HYN07-23 Fe37 19.05 50.8 4.9 NdFeB 13.5kg
HYN07-60 Fe37 13.5 60 5 NdFeB 30kg