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What kind of particles are transmitted by the magnetic force between the two magnets?

Let us first understand what the magnetic force between the two magnets belongs to, so that we can understand how this force is transmitted!

First, gravity

Gravity is the long-range force, which is the smallest of the basic forces, but in celestial interactions, gravity is the most common force! Gravity is thought to be used to transmit gravity, but it is still being guessed so far, or we can think of it as wrong for the time being. After all, it is not recognized. In quantum mechanics, the definition of gravity is: a spin 2, boson with zero mass!

Second, the electromagnetic force

Why is magnetism and electricity unified as electromagnetic force, because the two are unified and mutually convertible. Like gravity, electromagnetic force is also a long-range force, and this is the biggest help for our daily work and life. Almost all electric equipment is This force is working! The medium particle that realizes its force is photon, because this is inseparable from electromagnetic waves, and the whole electromagnetic band is actually the different wavelength bands of light. Some can be seen, some can not be seen, and the magnetic force is that we cannot see. That kind of!

Third, weak interaction force

The weak interaction is transmitted by fermions or bosons, which is the second weakest of the four forces and the shortest distance. It only acts on fermions such as electrons, quark layers, neutrinos, etc., and restricts radioactivity!

Fourth, strong interaction force

The nuclear force between protons and neutrons is a strong interaction force, strong interaction force is the strongest of the four basic forces, but its range of action is very short! It is the gluon that transmits a strong force!


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