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UPOTF08-25 Ceramic Magnet Hooks Black Color Printed With Self-adhesive


Pull Force: 9lbs

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Neodymium Hook Magnet are powerful magnet set within a metal “pot” casing with a threaded hook or eyelet hook.

With these strong magnetic hooks, you can conveniently attach heavy objects to ferromagnetic surfaces. The full adhesive force of these magnetic hooks unfolds at the bottom side of thick steel beams, when the weight is applied downwards. When attached to a wall, they can hold noticeably less weight .

 UPOTF08-25 Ceramic Magnet Hooks Black Color Printed With Self-adhesive-U-Polemag
Product Name Ceramic Magnet Hooks
Item No. UPOTF08-25
SIZE D25x15mm
Magnet Material  Ceramic Magnet
Plating  Black Printed
Strength  approx. 40N
Tolerance +/- 0.1mm
Screw Size M4