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Mission must be achieved, performance must be achieved” team training camp

On August 24, 2018, Xiamen U-polemag Technology co., LTD organized all the staff of the company to attend the team training camp of “mission must reach, executive must achieve”. Early in the morning the personnel of the company gathered everyone together and set out for the designated place. We got on the bus with a feeling of apprehension. Forty minutes’ drive filled us with so many unknowns and so many doubts that we didn’t know what was going to happen that day, even if we had seen the flow of events.

After arriving at our destination, we began to experience the tension of military administration and training from the moment we changed our clothes. We take each moment seriously, in the devil’s training, we do not fear the heat, we are strong, for the generation of juvenile justice. At the beginning, we felt very fresh. After standing on the military posture for more than ten minutes, we, who were not exercising in the office every day, began to feel our bones and flesh on our body and said to ourselves that I was going to die. But, listening to the coach’s chicken soup, all of us stuck to the end. I think this is just the beginning. What we did not expect is that the back of the jungle is the biggest challenge, to your endurance, physical challenges. Along the way, there are those of us who have clenched our teeth, who have been encouraging our teammates, who have been complaining, who have been resentful, who have seen the true nature of humanity at its most painful. In this process, we also realized the importance of teamwork and mutual assistance. As a member of the team, we are willing to contribute everything to the team.



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