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YXG32 SmCo

Sintered SmCo Samarium Cobalt Magnet for Motor

Sintered SmCo (Samarium Cobalt) magnet for motor

Max working temp : 350°C



The specification of  SmCo Magnet

1)       Concept: Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnets are composed of Samarium, Cobalt and Iron, these rare earth                                      magnets are extremely strong for their small size, metallic in appearance and sable physical property

2)       Characteristics:  High resistance demagnetization.

Good temperature physical properties

Well resistance of corrosion

3)       Application: Motors, watch, transducers, instruments, positional detector, generators, radar communications, medical equipments, various magnetism spreading devices, magnetic processor, electrical engineering and magnetic derrick, etc

4)       Shape:block/disc(disc, ring, magnet with countersunk, cylinder …for choice), they also could be made according to customer’s request

                             Characteristic Comparisons of Permanent Magnets:
Materials (BH)max Hcj Br Tc Max Working Temp Anti-causticity
SmCo1: 5 16-25 15-25 -0.05 200-250 Good
SmCo2: 17 22-30 6.0-30 -0.03 300-350 Good
NdFeB 26-52 12.0-30 -0.11 80-200 Bad
Ferrite magnet 3-4.5 3-4.5 -0.19 200-300 Good
AINiCo 5.0-10 1-1.8 -0.03 450-500 Excellent

Magnetic properties of Sintered SmCo (Samarium Cobalt)

Sintered SmCo Samarium Cobalt Magnet for Motor-U-Polemag