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Y35 Ø250x110x25mm Ferrite Ring Magnet For 15 inch Tweeter Speaker



Ferrite Ring magnets are made specifically for loudspeaker systems to crafts and toys and their sizes have evolved with demand from this market. And Ferrite ring magnets are also commonly used in magnetic rollers for separating applications and in the printing industry. They are also a vital component found in fast running conveyor systems in many manufacturing plants dealing with ferrous material. Ferrite Magnets are a low cost alternative to the more expensive (and powerful) neodymium magnet ranges. Ferrite magnets offers a standard level of magnetic performance at a low cost. Ferrite Magnets have a good resistance to demagnetization and their low cost makes them a popular choice.

Ceramic Rings Ø 250 mm x Ø 110 mm x 25 mm Y35 Ferrite Magnet Ring

Product Name Ferrite Ring Magnet For 15 inch Tweeter Speaker
Form Ring
Dimension Outer-Ø 250 mm, Inner-Ø 110 mm,Thickness 25mm
Material Ferrite Anitsotrop
Grade Y35
Coating uncoated
Material Fe2O3 (Ferrit)
Magnetized axial
Max Temp 250 °C
Weight 4850 g