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Q: What magnet materials are available?

A: There are many different magnet materials available, which we are able to provide. These include neodymium, samarium cobalt, alnico, ferrite, bonded neodymium, bonded samarium cobalt, bonded ferrite, injection molded neodymium, injection molded samarium cobalt, rubber stripping, and FeCrCu. If there is another material you wish to procure, please contact us.

Q: What is Neodymium Magnet or NdFeB Magnet? Is it same with Rare Earth Magnet?

A: "Neodymium magnets" and "NdFeB magnets" are both used to name the neodymium iron boron magnets. And this kind magnet also belongs to the rare earth magnet category. Even though most people refer to rare earth magnets as just neodymium magnets, the rare earth magnet category also includes Samarium Cobalt magnets (SmCo). To know more about the various magnets, please refer to our Products.

Q: What is the best size and shape for my application?

A: With advancement in machining and assembly processes, magnets can now be produced in almost any shape or size imaginable. For a list of size and shapes that we carry, visit our products page, but this list is definitely not all inclusive. We have worked with customers that have asked us for shapes that are unique an individualized, which we have been able to engineer and machine to meet specs.

Q: How many days does it take to ship my order?

A: In generally, the sintering NdFeB and SmCo magnet production time is 15-25days, cast AlNiCo will take 25-30days , the magnetic assemblies will be about 30-40 days for your reference , the exact time need to be checked before the order .

Q: May we get a sample of the product? How to ship and how to pay ?

A: Yes,the samples testing should be necessary for first time , we would like cooperate for samples. If its regular magnets and we have stock , we would like supply free samples for customers, if need new production , we will quote samples fee and we can accept T/T, Paypal , Western Union , Alibaba trade assurance for payment.

Q:Do you have a minimum purchase order?

A: The manufacturing of magnets is a complex process, please check our production flow for more information. As considering the production time and cost, we suggest the batch order value should be more than US$3000 per time; Of course, if less than US$3000, we also would like quote our offer for your kind consideration, so we have no strict MOQ .

Q: Can you supply magnet catalogue ?

A: As magnets manufacturing , we can custom-made various of magnets with different grade and dimension, from N35 to N52 , M, H, SH,UH, AH, EH series , and different shape such as ring , disc , block ,arc and more. In addition to magnets dimension, other relative information can be found in our website or catalogue.

Q:What elements affect the magnet price ?

A: 1. Shape and size : cylinder (DxH), cuboids(LxWxH) ,cubes, ring(ODxIDxH) belong to regular shape , arc magnets are popular used in motors or generators , before quotation and batch production , we have to confirm the technical drawing and samples, other irregular shape magnets are also can be made according to request.

2: Grade (Magnetic Property)

3: Plating(Coating)

4:Magnetizing Orientation


Q: Is Temperature a Concern with Neodymium Magnets?

A: Yes. Neodymium magnets are sensitive to heat. There are two temperatures which are critical to the neodymium magnets, i.e. the operating temperature and the curie temperature. For example, the maximum normal operating temperature is 175 F (80 C) for standard N-series grades. If the magnets are heated above this temperature, they will permanently lose a fraction of their magnetic strength. If the N-series are heated above their Curie temperature of 590 F (310 C), they will permanently lose all of their magnetic strength. However, the magnets can be charged again to regain the strength if the magnetic field is weakened in any way.

Q: What will cause a magnet to demagnetize?

A: In general, if you have selected the correct magnet for your application, you should not see any demagnetization of a magnet. However, some of the factors that can cause demagnetization are exposure to very high and low temperatures, another magnetic force, or shock. If you are unsure of the correct material for your application to avoid demagnetization, contact us for information.

Q:Are there any health or safety risks with neodymium magnets?

A:There are no known health risks caused by being exposed to neodymium magnets. There can be issues if the person has a pacemaker, so you should consult your doctor for information on this. Some people actually believe magnets can have health benefits and help the healing process. There are currently no scientific studies that prove this however. Strong magnets can cause physical harm if not handled properly, please view our safety page for complete details.

Q: What is the strongest magnet that I can get?

A: Neodymium magnets are the strongest materials available, and range in strength from 35 mgo to 55 mgo. But the more important question should be “what is the correct magnet strength that I need for my application?” Call one of our technical sales people to understand what material strength may be best for your application.

Q:Can you supply custom magnets?

A: Yes, we have the capability to produce magnets to your specification in NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo, Ferrite, and rubberized magnet materials. You can contact us for more details .

Q:How do you measure the pull strength of your magnets?

A:The pull strength of our magnets is measured by how much force it takes to pull the magnet off a steel plate when in between 2 steel plates.

Q:Will a magnets with a 10lb pull strength lift a 10lb object?

A:Our pull strength is tested under ideal conditions, so in real life applications you probably will not achieve the same strength. The Pull Force we measure shows how much weight it takes to pull the magnet off a piece of steel when in between 2 pieces of steel. If the application uses just a magnet to metal application then the pull force is about half of what we show. You can probably get a few more pounds but you probably won’t get the same results we achieve under perfect conditions.

Q: Can I drill a hole or machine the neodymium magnets?

A: Yes, if unmagnetized, you can easily to machine the magnets with the right tools, like diamond drill bit or EAD machine. But if the magnets are already magnetized, you need to keep the magnet cool during the machining process. Also since the magnets are fragile, the machine process should be slowly done.

Q: How do I handle large neodymium magnets?

A: Always wear a pair of gloves. When you are going to separate one magnet from the other magnet(s), put the magnets on a durable non-metal surface of a stable table with the magnet to be separated hanging off the edge of the table. Use one hand to firmly hold the other magnets on the table. Use the other hand to hold the magnet you are separating firmly. Push it down and away from the other magnets until you no longer feel any magnetic attraction.
Note that whenever we ship magnets with strong strength, we always include a safety guideline in handling the products in the package. Please read the instruction first. Please contact us, if you have any questions in that regards.

Q: How do I test the magnetic strength of my magnet?

A: Magnet strength can be determined by using a gauss meter or hysteresis graph. But, most important is to test the magnet in the application where possible. If your magnet is being used in a motor, then you will want to test the flux density of the entire magnetic assembly using a coil, or measuring torque. If your magnet is being used in a holding application, then testing pull or shear force will be required. Selecting the correct magnet at the beginning is very important, but making sure the magnet is performing according to your specification each time will determine the appropriate test needed.

Q: How to pack and ship the magnets ?

A: Please check Packing for Shipment for more information

Q: How to pay ?

A: We can accept T/T by bank , Paypal, Western Union and Alibaba trade assurance , If any other request , please do not hesitate to let us know.